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How to Setup Lavalink

Lavalink is a standalone audio sending node. It's required to use FlawBOT's music commands. The latest version of Lavalink is included with FlawBOT, however it still needs to be configured and enabled.

  1. Open application.yml and change address to the IP of a machine you'll be running Lavalink from.
server: # REST and WS server
port: 2333
  1. Open config.json and change Address to match the address set in Step 1. Set Enabled to true.
"Lavalink": {
"Enabled": true,
"Address": "",
"Port": 2333,
"Password": "youshallnotpass"
  1. Open the command prompt and start Lavalink by entering: java -jar Lavalink.jar

In case of errors, install the latest Java Development Kit.