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Bongo Fortress

DK Bongos are special controllers designed for Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and Donkey Konga games. Luckily for us, the bongos can be used as standard controllers with the use of special drivers.

This venture is ultimately a collosal waste of time and not an optimal way to play games, esspecially Team Fortress The Second. But for the morbidly curious, here's how to set this up:

  1. Plug your Bungo Bongos into a GameCube USB Adapter.
  2. Plug GameCube USB Adapter into your PC. Set switch to PC.
  3. Download and launch Zadig. Select Options, List All Devices.
  4. Select WUP-028, click Install Driver.
  5. Download and launch JoyToKey.
  6. Under Joystick 2, bind Button 1-4 and 10 to whatever keys you want.
  7. Launch TF2, join a server, preferably put +forward into console.
  8. Have a terrible time.