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Every HUD supported by the editor has a dedicated schema file that defines the page layout and instructions for each customization option. This section will act as a reference guide for the structure of said schema file, what control options are available and things to keep in mind as you're building the schema for your custom HUD.


Use this sample schema file as a starting point. For reference, also see schemas for budhud, flawhud and rayshud.

Table of Contents

  1. Main - Base settings like the HUD page layout, path of customization folders, links to download, GitHub, Mastercomfig and more.
  2. Controls - Controls that will be displayed on the form and carry instructions for where and how to apply customizations.
  3. Lists - Options available for the user to choose from a list. Each option can have its own name and specific instructions.
  4. Files - Defines HUD files with instructions on they should be manipulated to apply various customization options.
  5. Animations - Instructions and an example for adding an animation-based customization.
  6. Backgrounds - Instructions for how to add the custom backgrounds feature to your HUD.